The Breakfast Loft has come to change the game in Detroit’s brunch culture. It’s a retro-rustic gathering place that provides garnished brunch plates and exceptional service. We pitched to local media and executed a high-energy grand opening Sunday, September 8, 2019.

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Strategy and branding projects are some of our favorites. Especially when they are companies making significant steps to make the world a better place. Our client, Mana Pacific is a social impact company that develops, finances, and de-risks scalable island resiliency projects in Hawaii and the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories.


Diaita Juice came to us in need of a messaging strategy and a brand refresh. They were struggling with transitioning to taking online orders with a website that reflected the many changes to their menu and space. They needed help developing cohesive messaging while also determining a long-term communication strategy.


It was important that Mana Pacific’s commitment to and cultural awareness of the Pacific Islands was at the core of their messaging and brand. Mana throughout the Pacific is the life force within all living things and is grounded in the Hawaiian tradition of ahupua’a or “collective and equitable prosperity.”

It was important that this messaging resonated through their rebrand. The new website needed to clearly show what the restaurant had to offer and make ordering an easy and simple process. The site needed to include:

  • Blogging functionality
  • Forms for lead capture
  • Sections of the site for vastly different audiences
  • The newest version of WordPress
  • An easy, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration
  • SEO tools and optimization


Our successful strategy and rebrand included the following:

  • Strategy development
  • Competitor research
  • Brand attributes
  • Brand tone and voice
  • Positioning statement
  • Audience personas
  • Sample messaging
  • Logo/Tagline DevelopmentBy now, you probably know our website process is pretty lengthy. With the new branding and a looming deadline in hand, we got to work on all the following:
  • Website strategy meeting
  • Site map and strategy development
  • Keyword research
  • Site development with a cool drag-and-drop editor for the sake of Mana Pacific’s team (the last time they built sites from scratch was when DOS was still a thing…we thought they deserved something better)
  • Content creation
  • SEO integration, alt text, metadata, and all that good stuff 
  • A rigorous QA
  • Site launch 
  • Domain and hosting coordination
  • Post-launch QA
  • Site training for the Mana Pacific team
  • SEO follow up with Google Search Console

Once that was live, and we could direct people there for the time being, we were able to get into the heavy-lifting on the big site. The significance of the original logo was very important to the client. 


The result of this project is one of our favorite logos! We refreshed an outdated design to modernize the logo while still maintaining its cultural significance and adding the vibrancy of Polynesian culture.




Rebrands are a combination of your messaging, services/products, and your visual identity. If you want to learn more about what a rebrand is or isn’t check out our blog about common rebranding myths. If your brand needs to be brought back to life, reach out to us. We’d love to chat!